JUNE 15, 2010
e-session - Mishawaka, IN

This week we're bringing you a little family that's close to our hearts :) Matt and Andy used to be college roommates back in the day, but theeeese days Matt lives with his pretty wife Jessica & his sweet little 6-month-old son Ethan :)

We like Ethan. Ethan wears monkey shirts. We would totally wear a monkey shirt. :)

Ethan finds joy in putting his hands, toys, sandals... everything... directly into the mouth. :)

Such a happy little guy :)

With such cute little feets :)

Father and son. One of the favorites of the day.

LOVE this one though. Ethan = mini Pacman :) (Speaking of Pacman: Click that link. Then click "insert coin." You're welcome. :) )

Beautiful little face. I want one. (One day.) :)


Cute little family portrait!

We'll leave you with these last two. Absolute favorites. :)

Matt & Jess & Ethan: We love you. The end. :)


Marti Schrock said...

I, too, would wear a monkey shirt!