JUNE 24, 2010
e-session - Goshen, IN

Katherine & Chris are among the most photogenic, adventurous, and all-around lovable people that we've had the pleasure of photographing. When we met with them to discuss pictures we knew right away that we were a match!


One of Katherine's photo requests was inside a bookstore. We like Katherine. :)

And then, we thought, maybe we'll take some books outside :)

SO.beautiful. :)

We like these leafies :)

And the front of this duplex :)

We also like laying on our bellies in GRAVEL! (totally had rock impressions on my face after this one :) )

Andy and I are avid scrabble players. We try to play once a week if we can :) So! We have a trivia question for you. One of the letters above is NOT a real letter featured in a Scrabble game. As in, we had to use a blank tile because there weren't enough of them. See if you can guess which letter. There might be prize money involved. :)

Let's ride bikes! :)

These made me think of a scene from a movie. WHICH!MOVIE? :)

I so enjoy summer in Indiana. I love, love beautiful overgrown fields just before sunset :)

Katherine! Chris! We love you both :) Thanks for everything. We're stoked for your wedding in Sept. :)


JUNE 20, 2010
family - Indianapolis, IN

It has been a long, long time since I've photographed a maternity session. So when Andria asked if we'd be up for the job, I was really excited. Nervous, even :) We sent some ideas back and forth for a month or so, and she was so incredibly patient with us and willing to work with us on this extremely hot (93 degrees!) June afternoon. Now, what better day to photograph a baby on the way than on Father's Day? :) A special thank you to Jordon, for sharing his day with us :)

Baby Juliet is on her way in just a few short weeks! We wanted to photograph her pretty nursery before she arrives.

I love these books. They belonged to Abby, Juliet's big sister :). So neat that they can be reused.

Little tiny baby shoes in a little tiny baby drawer :)

Meet Andria. She is so, so lovely. I would be lucky to be half as lovely when it's my turn ;)

See what I mean? Beauty. :)

The belly. :)

I love, loved this dress of hers. She found it at Macy's, ladies! :)

Absolutely my favorite from today.

Jordon joined us for a few (he was watching Abby and eating popsicles in the meantime :) )

And then, a sleepy Abby climbed up to nap with her mommy :)

Pretty tree, pretty lady. :)

This little family is so sweet. It was really, really marshy back here from all the storms we'd gotten in Indy recently... so we had to tread through a bunch of water patches to make it to this one, tiny, dry patch of grass :) Thanks for being such patient troopers!

Love this one. :)

And this one. :) Dear little Juliet, you are already so, so loved. We're excited to see you again soon in a few short weeks! Be kind to your mommy + daddy, and let them get a few hours of sleep in the meantime ;) Love, A+A


JUNE 19, 2010
wedding - Indianapolis, IN

Here's wedding number two from our action-packed weekend. This one was definitely a good one. We started the day with Amy and Andy at Downey Avenue Christian Church. It was quite possibly one of the warmest days of the year so far but! We enjoyed every moment despite a little sweating. :)

I love the look on her face. Precious.

Here is the debonair Andy. This wedding was an international affair since he hails from England.

And Amy. They met while adventurously traversing the seas. Pretty cool :)

One of the best details ever! You can't beat a bride in green chucks.

After the wedding we headed down to Monument Circle.

Andy picked this picture because of the motorcycles. :)

A favorite.

The reception was at the incredible Columbia Club.

One more quick walk around the monument before the party.

Such an elegant setting for a party.

They had a photo booth from Indy Event Rental that everyone adored. We can't help but smile when we look at these photos.

Another favorite :)


We love these two. They're my favorite guests in a while :) (And yes, that's a kilt he's wearing!)

And speaking of brave, this daring lady joined the band for an impromptu performance of "My Girl."

People enjoyed :) Take a bow.

Seeing the circle at night makes us feel lucky to live in Indy.

Thanks for a great night, Amy & Andy. Best wishes on the honeymoon and all your adventures to come.