JUNE 24, 2010
e-session - Goshen, IN

Katherine & Chris are among the most photogenic, adventurous, and all-around lovable people that we've had the pleasure of photographing. When we met with them to discuss pictures we knew right away that we were a match!


One of Katherine's photo requests was inside a bookstore. We like Katherine. :)

And then, we thought, maybe we'll take some books outside :)

SO.beautiful. :)

We like these leafies :)

And the front of this duplex :)

We also like laying on our bellies in GRAVEL! (totally had rock impressions on my face after this one :) )

Andy and I are avid scrabble players. We try to play once a week if we can :) So! We have a trivia question for you. One of the letters above is NOT a real letter featured in a Scrabble game. As in, we had to use a blank tile because there weren't enough of them. See if you can guess which letter. There might be prize money involved. :)

Let's ride bikes! :)

These made me think of a scene from a movie. WHICH!MOVIE? :)

I so enjoy summer in Indiana. I love, love beautiful overgrown fields just before sunset :)

Katherine! Chris! We love you both :) Thanks for everything. We're stoked for your wedding in Sept. :)


Mindi Slone said...

H's :) there are only 2!!

GREAT, great pics! Love the bookstore shots! And Little Miss Star book :)

The Brown's said...

You have too many H's in the scrabble board, I think you only get 2...

Shannon Burgess said...

There are only two H tiles on my game. Is that it? There are three on the game board in the picture.


brea persing said...

Awesome pics, GREAT IDEAS! Can't figure out the scrabble piece though...is it 'P'?

Leah said...

There are only 2 H's, right? I'm a Scrabble nerd too. :) What a fun e-session too!

r.m.s said...

To answer your scrabble question: the letter H, I believe there are only 2 included with a game and they have 3:) Dillon and I love scrabble as well:)

amanda fales shaw said...

YES! only 2 H's. nice job everyone :) thanks for your comments! maybe we should do more trivia ;)

(mindi, send me an e-mail :) :) )

nicole green said...

yaaaay i love these! the book ones are my favorite. :) they are adorable!

Maya Laurent said...

Love the bookstore photos!

erin a.d. said...

through the bookshelves is sweetness!

Angel Canary said...

Fabulous!!! ;)