JULY 10, 2010
wedding - Nappanee, IN

Hi there :) Megan & Brent have such genuine, caring spirits. They were endlessly kind to everyone involved and kept us smiling to the very end. We'll start you off with some pretty details from the day :)


One of the most beautiful dresses we've seen this year :)

Empty pews quietly anticipating a moment to happen :)

A first look :) (The empty pews are smiling :) )

Speaking of smiling, have you ever seen a happier bride? We haven't :)

We love these next two. :)

And jump :)

Mr. and Mrs!

Instead of bubbles/rice/sparklers, Megan & Brent had a balloon release :)

So fun :)

Lovely ladies :)

Lovely light :)



Megan & Brent, we adore you! You two were so incredibly kind and patient with us the entire day. Thanks for the bottles of water, the laughter, and for being so sincere and genuine with us and with each other. We truly enjoyed today. :) Happy marriage! xoxo, A+A


JULY 9, 2010
wedding - Notre Dame, IN

Hello everyone! We're back from a little blogging hiatus. We took a mini road trip with the Cheddar-man and we just got back into town yesterday! So we apologize for being M.I.A for a bit :)

What better way to return that with a new wedding? This was another gorgeous day at Notre Dame in the Basilica of the Sacred Heart. Every Notre Dame wedding is ripe with legacy and elegance, and this was no exception :)

Many hands make light work. :)

Gerbera daisies are my favorite :)

Hi ladies :)

Hi Basilica :)

Hi Adrienne :) (k, I'll stop greeting people/places now :) )

Adrienne & Mike are so incredibly sweet. We think these next few photos captured a bit of their sweetness :)

The Grotto! We love.

More sweetness :)

On to the reception! People, take note: bruschetta is delicious. If you have it at your reception, I may or may not eat it by the handful :)

I forget what we were cheering about here, but people were excited :) I like that the hands and the folded napkins are in neat little rows :) :)

Rings! And strawberries :)

Some dancing :)

Possibly one of our favorite cake cutting photos to date! :) Several things we like about this photo :) (Also, the cake was delicious, in case that adds interest to the photo :) )

Adrienne + Mike! We so enjoyed photographing your wedding. Thank you so much for letting us be a part! We hope you're enjoying married life :) :) xoxo, A+A


JULY 7, 2010
family - Indianapolis, IN

Hi there! :) Today we bring you a sweet little family :)

Meet Danielle and her husband, Nic. :)

And their beautiful (almost :) ) 2-year-old daughter Juliana.

She is precious :)

And has pretty little eyelashes :)

Such a cute family :)

Portrait! (from a curb :) )

Lovely light.

1....2....3.... JUMP!

Some snuggles :) (or as they call it, "nuggle.") :)

Giggles :)


They did this all on their own :)

Second favorite :) (giant canvas in your bedroom, perhaps? Just a thought ;)) Thanks for spending the evening with us, little family! Enjoy the rest of your summer! :)


JULY 3, 2010
wedding - Indianapolis, IN

Happy Tuesday! I'd love for you to see the gorgeous, perfect wedding of Rachel & Dillon. The weather was sunny and beautiful, their details were amazing and well-orchestrated, and they had one of the most fun color schemes we've seen to date. As if their wedding could get any better, they have one of the most incredible stories we've ever heard, and! had one of the most beautiful, meaningful ceremonies we've ever seen. :) Go on, take a look!

A detail of Rachel :)

And of Dillon. :) His cuff links were representative of the two cities closest to his heart.
Lincoln, Nebraska; Indianapolis, Indiana :) These two were kindergarten classmates that went their separate ways. Years later they reconnected from hundreds of miles away and fell in love. :)

Lemon yellow, lime green, and classic black. SUCH a cool color combo :)

During the ceremony, right before they exchanged their rings + vows, Rachel and Dillon had their rings placed in a box and had them passed around to every guest in attendance. The officiant asked each person who held their rings to say a prayer for their marriage before they made that special promise to each other. Over two hundred individual prayers. So incredible.

Then, they broke bread and served each other communion during a special song. Then paused, forehead-to-forehead like this and said a prayer for each other. Humbling. :)

And then, they were married. :)

We went down to Monument Circle for a few :)

So incredibly in love. :)

Love these! We think the shadows are fun.

And! That you can see the boys in the background of this one. :)

Reception time. Destination: Omni Severin. Still our favorite place, ever :)

We might have gone a little bonkers on details here, but we just wanted you to see how fabulous it was :)

Speaking of fabulous, brides! If you want THE MOST DELICIOUS and amazing cake I have ever tasted in my entire life, go with Classic Cakes for your wedding cake. You will not be disappointed. Ask for our good friend, Ilene. She'll take care of you :)

Lemons and limes. :) Love, love, love.

Toasts :)

French fry bar! Ketchup + Cheese + Curly fries = best.combination.ever. :)

Ahoy! I make my first appearance on the blog. Andy snapped this one of my little hand in the middle of a fun party :) I could use another foot of height!

Most enthusiastic bunch of single boys we've ever seen The boy with the plaid tie (we'd be lifelong friends, I just know) took a dive and landed on his side, inches from my lens, in order to snatch the garter. Dedication. :)


Seriously, you two. We cannot thank you enough for including us today. The day absolutely flew by and we were just so grateful to be a part of it. You were both just so full of joy that we were smiling the whole way home. We have no doubt that your lives will be full of happiness :) Thank you, thank you for everything. :) xoxo, A+A