JANUARY 19, 2010
family - Indianapolis, IN

Hi there! :) Before we watch the Colts destroy the Jets (just so we're clear, I definitely care more about the Cheetos than the game, but I DID go buy my first Colts t-shirt a few minutes ago :) ), I wanted to share with you all these precious photos we took recently of baby Raelyn, who was just a mere 10 days old! Such a cutie. Enjoy! (Oh, and, goooooo Colts! :) )

Shh... the baby's sleeeeping :)

Favorite. :)

We love this next set too, though :)

Andy caught this one, and it gives me little chill bumps! :)

Baby feets :)

Hi there! :)

Sometimes babies cry :) Her big buddy wandered over to investigate.

And then, snuggled up and she was just fine! :)

Such a beauty!

Dear Baby Raelyn, thank you so much for allowing us to come into your sweet home to take a few photos of you today. You were such a joy to be around! We know that you'll bring a whole HEAP of love into the lives of your new mom and dad :) xoxo, A+A


JANUARY 16, 2010
wedding - Notre Dame, IN

And now, the moment you've all been waiting for.... Debbie & Jamie, the WEDDING! :) We met up with everyone at the Hilton Garden Inn in South Bend, where we found the ladies getting some hair and makeup done :)

Debbie and her lovely eyes :)

Her flowers were delivered upstairs in her parents' room and I snuck a quick peek :)

Her dress was also hanging nearby :) (I have been in LOVE with these lace dresses lately!)

...and then, it was time to put it on :)

Definitely my favorite from the day. Such a sweet moment.

Debbie, I didn't think you could get any more beautiful when I saw you for your e-session. I.was.WRONG!

She's wearing her grandmother's veil on bottom, and her mother's veil and headpiece on top :)

Going down the elevator to see Jamie for the first time. :)

And, the first look (we SO recommend these. Kiss those nerves goodBYE! :) )

After the first look we ran over to Notre Dame for some photos before the ceremony :)

Candles at the Grotto. :)

Another favorite. Wow. :)

And some snuggling in front of the Golden Dome.

Ceremony time at The Basilica. Here are the guys waiting for the big moment.

We love it here. :)

A lovely party, I think :)

Debbie had five bridesmaids, and four honorary bridesmaids that brought communion down the aisle to serve during the ceremony. Such a cool way to incorporate more friends into your ceremony.

Love that rock :)


Such a cute moment. Her veil took flight into the wind and Jamie attempted to calm it down :)

Back to the Hilton for the reception. Cheers. :)

It was one kickin' party. :D

It has truly been a pleasure to work with you both. Thank you SO much for all the laughter and fun shared during the last week! We wish you the best in your future! xoxo, A+A


JANUARY 11, 2010
e-session - Notre Dame, IN

Goooood morning! :) Time for the latest update from A+A! We had the pleasure of spending some time with Debbie & Jamie at Notre Dame's campus on this snow-flurrious day. And if you like these, wait 'till you see our NEXT post! Because these two were married here at The Basilica of the Sacred Heart just six short days after their e-session. :) We'll post those photos soooooooon! Off we go! :)

We loved the little curly-q's here :)

Some snow, some snuggle.

More snuggle. :) (and possibly my favorite!)

That's not dandruff, folks. It's snow flakies :) PS- Debbie, you're lovely. Just sayin' :)

Two lovely rings :)

Candles at the Grotto. (We warmed our little faces here for a few moments before continuing on :) )

Love this one. Another favorite :)

And then, all of a sudden, this huuuuge wintery wind blows in and it's snowing just like we were in a Christmas movie. It was a wondrous sight to behold :)

I think this one might be in my top ten favorite e-session photos of all time. Love. :)

Thanks, you two! See you in a minute, but with your wedding digs on :D