APRIL 18, 2010
senior - Indianapolis, IN

Another day, another cute senior! :) Rachel is laid-back, down-to-earth, and was so fun to photograph.

She plans to attend IU Bloomington. :)

Rachel has some of the most gorgeous eyes I've ever seeeeeeen!

Love this one :)

She's involved in show choir and loves dancing and singing :)

And smiling. :)

This one's her facebook profile picture, currently ;)

A favorite. Doesn't she just seem at home in a grassy field? :)

Dear Rachel - Thanks for spending your evening with us! We know you're busy so it was fun to hang out with you while we could. :) We hope you love your photos! We wish you success at IU! A+A


APRIL 14, 2010
senior - Granger, IN

My good friend Kelly (if you haven't checked out her paintings yet, you MUST!) assisted me for this one. :) We headed up to Granger to meet sweet Lauren for her senior portraits!

Isn't she gorgeous?! WOW! :)

I love her pretty brown eyes, myself :)

Lauren plans to attend Butler University. Go dawgs ;)

She also plays singles in tennis. (I played doubles :) )

LOVED that headband. I forgot to ask her where she found it ;)

A favorite. :)

This is another. Favorite, that is :)

Dear Lauren! :) Thank you so much for spending some time with us today! We so enjoyed your laid-back, sweet spirit. We wish you the best in your future endeavors! :) xoxo, Amanda


APRIL 10, 2010
wedding - Indianapolis, IN

Hello! :) Spring has SPRUNG here on our blog today with the lovely April wedding of Ricka & Bryston. This couple had every detail planned to perfection, and kept things simple with a pretty, earthy feel just perfect for the beginning of the season. Take a look! :)

Some fabulous spring details! (I loooooooovve SPRING! :) )

Mother & daughter :)

I absolutely LOVED this color combo! Good work, Ricka! :)

Ricka really had some of the best bridesmaids we've ever worked with. :)

And look how gorgeous they are! :) (PS - Ricka made them all those fabulous necklaces & earrings by hand! What a thoughtful gift!)

Does anyone else see a little Charlize Theron in her face? :)

Favorites of the day!! (and perhaps, of the year! :) )

Just look at those EYES! :)

Just moments before the bubbles :)

The group :)

A sweet moment with her dad :)

The toss!

The catch ;)

Meet Tasha & her sweet husband. Tasha's baby is due TODAY. She was the most amazing, most supportive, most up-for-anything bridesmaid I have EVER seen AND she was 9 months pregnant! Tasha, the bridesmaid-of-the-year award goes to you, lovely. :)

Just a little walk in an abandoned field. (Giant canvas print of this one? I think maybe :) ) PS - I'm laying face-down in the straw for this one. Andy was off to the side somewhere in the grass, also laying down. We get into the car to head to the reception and Andy finds a TICK on his neck! AAAHH! Better us than the bride and groooom!

AHHH! My favorite, by far. Ricka's out there in heels, and that field was pretty scratchy on the ankles :) Hats off to you two!

R&B (ha! I just noticed this! Your initials are the popular music genre :) ) - We absolutely loved every minute we got to spend with you both this year. Thanks for being so kind and thoughtful to us throughout your engagement and wedding! We wish you much love in your lives together :) Blessings! A&A