JUNE 18, 2010
wedding - Mishawaka, IN

Hi there! :) We love Claire + Stephen. They both are so incredibly sweet and had the needs of others (instead of their own) foremost in their minds all day. They are patient and kind. (The perfect models for the favorite wedding verse, if you ask me :) ) But don't just let me tell you, you'll have to see for yourself ;)

Such a beauty, Claire is :)

Such pretty ladies :)

We love magnificent wind gusts :)

Favorite of the day!

On her way down to meet her dad :)

Dad walking Claire down :)

I'm about to show you bouquet toss we've ever seen. :) Instead of doing the traditional toss at the reception, Claire chose to toss a bouquet (a bright bunch of sunflowers! :) ) right after coming out of the church.

She and Stephen walked out, got in their SUV, and Claire popped out the sunroof to throw her bouquet backwards. :)

Such a HUGE group of single, eligible ladies!

And out of all of them, this is who caught it :) (Doesn't it always seem to work out that way??) She was ecstatic. She screamed, "do I get to keeep it? Do I really get to keep it?" :) So fun.

On to the reception!

Another moment we haven't seen in a while! After passing each set of hands clasped in the air, another set would come down and "catch" them, London Bridge style, and Claire & Stephen would pause to have a little kiss. So cute. :)

You all know how I feel about cake ;) But! One of my favorite, favorite moments of a wedding day is seeing that perfect cake with one tiny piece cut from it :)


We close with a couple of cute portraits. These two were so easy to be around. They truly loved to be in each other's company and I think they will have a lovely, lovely marriage :)

Claire (Bear :) ) + Stephen, thanks so much for today. It was truly a joy to be in your presence and we think you both are really special people. We wish you the best :)


erin a.d. said...

i want to be claire! so beautiful, all of it.