JUNE 12, 2010
wedding - Elkhart, IN

This is Andy again. This week we headed to Elkhart for some good times with Jenn & Matt. The day was filled with thoughtful details, hearty laughs, and rockin' argyle.

We began at Jenn's family home. They trusted us enough to let us take the dress out on the porch. We like these :)

We were really digging the porch. And non-white shoes! :)

Peonies are a big thing this time of year. These were gorgeous, smelled awesome, and held up all day.

Cool earrings :)

One of our favorites.

Amanda caught this. She wants me to direct your attention to her pretty eyelashes :)

We love this classic portrait of Jenn. Doesn't she have lovely porcelain skin?

Remember what I said about argyle? Amanda couldn't get enough of these socks. They quite possibly have my vote for coolest wedding attire ever.

Fuchsia pink + navy blue = such a cool color combo.

The happy sendoff! We've been including a lot of these lately, but this is a favorite! And notice my blonde bombshell in the background doing what she does best.

Next we headed to downtown Goshen for the reception. We couldn't resist this scene outside of the Olympia Candy Kitchen.

I waved this kind gentleman through the picture and he shouted his congratulations to the group as he peddled by. :) We're big fans of friendly small-towns.

Walk-walk :)

Another favorite.

Random owl. We love. :)

Tender moment :)

Love this moment. We love happy brides :)

We also love fun details. Amanda wants to go buy mason jars and fill our house with peony bouquets. Oh my. :) Jenn & Matt- Thank you so much for letting us be part of your celebration. Have an amazing Disney honeymoon! This is Andy, signing off. :)


Marti Schrock said...

LOVE the Olympia Candy Kitchen. I must-do when in Goshen!