NOVEMBER 22, 2009
anytime - Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Hi there :) Andy and I just returned from a little vacation. We spent a few days in the lovely Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. And it was, in a word, divine. :) Here are some photos!

The view outside our room. The view outside our room at home is a cornfield, a fence, and Cheddar's chewed up toys. Trade, please? :)

Breakfast every morning was simply exquisite. We sat inches away from palm trees. :)


Our pool. Oh, and the Pacific Ocean. :)

The spa. Note that there are zero photos of me in here. You're welcome. :)

The Marina :)

Lobster cakes served over shredded carrots, beets, and a fresh pineapple, whacked in half :)

We took a lovely boat ride over to see the famous El Arco. Loved.

Our pool, at night. Ohh, I will miss you Mexico. But for now, back to WORK! Thanks for reading :)


NOVEMBER 14, 2009
wedding - South Bend, IN

Andy here. We can't even begin to describe Abbey & Kevin's amazing wedding. So, here's a preview: Krispy Kreme donuts. A bowling alley. And... wait for it... a Lego cake. Go see for yourselves! :)

Aren't their rings cool? :)

We couldn't resist. :)

This next series is dedicated to a little ring bearer that we liked to call "the bubble boy." :)

This little guy made us smile :)

(My favorite.)

After the wedding we snapped some pictures at St. Mary's College (Abbey is an Alum!).

Here's where the fun starts :) With... KRISPY KREME! Kevin sealed the deal with an original glazed. First from Amanda's view (we love Kevin's expression here).

...and then, from mine. :)


And then, the bowling alley! :)

Another favorite (guess what their wedding date was ;) ).

Amanda was sitting IN THE GUTTER for this. She will do anything for a photo! (And by the way, this was the second attempt. Kevin almost took her OUT with the first ;) )

LEGO! CAKE! (We were freaking out :) ) Made specially by Kevin's dad.

We'll end with a couple of our favorites. (We had several favorites. But we're not counting ;) )

Congratulation Abbey and Kevin. Thanks for all the fun! Your wedding is one we will not soon forget :)


NOVEMBER 12, 2009
e-session - Bloomington, IN

We met Leah and Jason on a lovely afternoon at I.U. They were so fun to work with and they had us laughing throughout their entire session. We like laughing. :) Anyway. On to the photos. I'll start things off with my favorite...

Everyone loves a good snuggle :)

Warm and sunny with flowers in November! (Has anyone else noticed that our seasons have flipped? We had spring this past week, winter the week before that, and then a few days of fall and then, it's supposed to snow randomly next week? Oh Indiana, we love you :) )

Andy's point of view.

Aaaand...mine. ;)

My other favorite :)

Look up heeeere! :)

More of our amazing November sun!

We love us some Sample Gates :)


Check out that ROCK :)

Andy's favorite.

:) ...

Just the "2" of them ;)

The team was practicing, so the lights were on. So cool.

Uh oh... (I'm having a flashback to a certain picture from Katelyn and Shane's wedding :) )

We finished up with a view of the new addition to the stadium. SUCH a fun shoot. Thanks you two! We're excited to see you again in the coming months! Staaaay tuned!


NOVEMBER 7, 2009
wedding - Ft. Wayne, IN

Andy here with a wedding update! Karisa & Pete had one of the most beautiful, sunny days for a wedding that we've ever seen in November. From start to finish they really seemed to enjoy and cherish the events of their day.

We started with Karisa as she and her bridesmaids prepped for the day.

Their makeup artist wasn't feeling well that morning, so she wore a mask to prevent anyone from getting ill! H1N1 has really taken a toll on us :(

Her lovely shoes :)

We love everything about this photo. The "live big" at the top, the reflection of Karisa in the mirror, and the two bridesmaids zipping. We just like it :)

Meanwhile, the guys took a more classic approach to prepping with the help N64 and some Mariokart.

Though they did take some time to get dressed ;)

We love how the flower girl is fidgeting with her new bracelet :)

We love ring shots. Our fingers were stained after this one :)

We love symmetry. Sometimes. :)

Look at those EYES!

Pete was so tall (taller than me!) that we had him crouch for a few ;)

Gangstas. ;)

At one point we meandered over to a playground. Don't ask ;)

One fabulous-looking bridal party, if we do say so ourselves.

And speaking of fabulous...

We asked permission, don't worry :)

We'll end with a little romance :)