JUNE 13, 2010
e-session - Notre Dame, IN

Hi there! :) (and gooood afternoooon!) We had such a fun evening with Courtney & Nate on Sunday on Notre Dame's campus. These two are so genuinely into each other, comfortable around one another, and so much fun to be around. They had me laughing so hard throughout the session that my sides hurt after :) on to the PHOTOS!

Just hangin' out, in a bike rack :)

And then, some snuggles :) :)

Courtney has some of THE most beautiful blue eyes I've ever seen. These babies haven't been touched in Photoshop. They're all natural ;)

See?! Even in B+W they look STTTUNNING! :)

Having a sit under some random dorm windows :)

We love these. Court & Nate just love being around each other. Genuine joy. :)

Then we found a random bike, tied to a tree. I was feelin' it. Andy was like, "really? What if someone comes outside and wants to ride their bike?" (He sometimes thinks my ideas are nuts. But I'm nuts, so, you know. :) ) So we took this one in about five seconds. No one minded. :)

Love this one :)

Same moment, from two cameras. Top one from mine, bottom one from Andy's. (He wins.)

They're even cute kissers :)

These are some of my favorite photos this year :) Court & Nate-- thank you SO much for sitting in the middle of the parking lot for these (And Court, for being barefoot! :) ) -- a scary lady whisked behind them in a golf cart and nearly ran over Nate's hand. GEEEEZ! ND takes parking lot security seriously :)

And THEN! We found this ridiculously amazing treeeeee! :)

I'll finish us up with my very, very favorite from the whole day. :) Just love everything about this photo! Thanks so much, you two, for being up for our (well, my :) )crazy ideas today. You two are so sweet and so fun :) We can't wait for your fabulous wedding next June! :D