JUNE 5, 2010
wedding - Bloomington, IN

This is Andy coming to you with a bright, beautiful wedding at Eagle Pointe in Bloomington. Bright really was the word of the day. The sun was shining, everyone was smiling, and bold colors were lighting up every detail of Chris & Suzy's wedding.

The lovely Suzy getting ready. :)

She designed her own bouquets and hair pieces complete with tropical flowers + seashells.

When Amanda first saw this picture it took her breath away. As in, literal gasping. And I'm with her... look at that peaceful expression and the wind in her hair!

Everything had such a cool laid-back, beachy vibe. Very well done.

Here are the gentlemen enjoying some time on one of Eagle Pointe's beautiful fairways.


Suzy designed not only the flowers, her own gown, but ALL the bridesmaid's dresses, too. That's some talent!

More bright, beautiful details. On the left is the sand for the unity ceremony. Perfect.

As guests arrived, every person received a Hawaiian lei. A groomsman ran over and gave us each one, too. We were not exempt from the fun :)

Band music was an important staple to Chris & Suzy. Coming from music lovers, we loved :)

Couldn't have had a better day for an outdoor wedding.

The flower girl & her mom (Can you see the resemblance? :) )


One of our favorites.

The tall grass seemed to fit the natural, earthy mood.

How fantastic are these centerpieces? Two words: Live. Goldfish. :)

After the sunset on the beautiful day we got a few shots of Suzy an Chris cuddling by the fountain. Another fav!

One last highlight: toward the end of the reception this light-up hula hoop made an appearance on the dance floor. Little did we know we had a professional in our midst. She was doing things with that hoop that I didn't know were possible!

Thanks for letting us be part of your day, Suzy and Chris! Enjoy your honeymoon!


Cathy said...

Looks like an awesome wedding! I LOVE the third shot down--the bride looks absolutely gorgeous. And that hula-hoop shot is ridiculous!!!