MARCH 13, 2010
wedding - Lakeville, IN

Hi there! Andy here with a look at our latest wedding with Kaitlin & Kevin up in Lakeville!

We loved the light here. :)

This is one of my favorite ring shots in a while.

The ladies, doing whatever it is that ladies do to get ready :)

Meanwhile... the groom gets his boutonniere pinned on with an audience!

We like these :)

The day was full of meaningful details. Kaitlin borrowed the brooch from her mom :)

A lovely, lovely bride. (In lovely, lovely window light :) )

We really asked these ladies to get cozy, didn't we? In our defense, it never stopped raining, not for a second, all day. This tiny patch of concrete was the only spot that was outdoors, under shelter, and dry. :)

And they didn't seem to mind. :)

And then the gentlemen took their turn getting close. (Can you see the rain pouring in from the corner?)

This little flower girl was one of the cutest, the sweetest, the most precious we've ever seen :)

Married! And looking stoic :)

To combat the drizzle we spent some time in a hallway on a little bench.

We love a good party. :) BONUS POINTS: Can you tell from the photos what songs are playing?? We might even give a prize :)

Thanks for a fun night, you two! We wish you a wonderful honeymoon in the BAHAMAS! We're definitely jealous :)


FEBRUARY 27, 2010
wedding - Notre Dame, IN

Gooooood evening! :) It looks like spring is almost here which makes us VERY excited, but before we're done with winter we have to share the perfect, snowy wedding day of Amy & John with you. Another elegant Notre Dame day filled with tradition, laughs, and love. :)

The bible underneath the rosary has been passed down from mother to daughter for several generations. We held our breath when we turned the delicate pages!

Meet Amy. Isn't she so incredibly gorgeous?! I love her little snow flake earrings :)

Couldn't resist the ND class ring. :)

The Basilica of the Sacred Heart is lovely. Always lovely. :)

Love this. :)

Afterward we ventured out into the wintery wonder of campus. Here are the ladies...

...and the gentlemen, looking dashing :)

LOVED her fancy shoes. :D

These are my absolute favorites. Dear Amy, you are breath taking with little snow flakes on your eyelashes. I just wanted you to know. Love, Amanda :)

Have you EVER seen a bouquet like that!? We haven't :) Amy, you're cool.

Love the light here :)

Ever wondered what's under the Golden Dome?

We got a few shots inside The Marriott before they entered their reception. (And yes, we're indoors for these! :) )

And then, they danced and danced :) Thank you for letting us be part of your special day!
We wish you all the best in all the years to come!
xoxo, A&A