JUNE 26, 2010
wedding - Notre Dame, IN

Hi! We bring you the lovely wedding of Dezzie & Isaac. :) You may remember Dezzie from Amy & John's wedding a few months ago :) We were in LOVE with all of the beautiful BLUE details today! Gorgeous, perfect blue sky with puffy white clouds, beautiful blue Basilica ceiling, royal blue Monolo Blahniks, blue dresses, blue vests, blue ties. BLUE. :)

Here are those Manolos. And yes, they're the same shoes Carrie wore when she married Mr. Big If you know what I'm talking about ;)

Oh, the Golden Dome. How well we've gotten to know each other lately :)

Meet the gorgeous, the fabulous, the stunning Dezzie. :)

And her perfect bouquet.

The gentlemen, looking as dashing as they can :)

Isaac walked Dezzie down the aisle at the start of the ceremony. We've only seen this two other times. We think it's pretty cool. :)

Beautiful Basilica of the Sacred Heart, you never, never disappoint. :)

Taking a moment to pause at the Lady Chapel. So sweet.

Giving a blessing :)


The rings. :)

Same moment, two views :) Mine:

Andy's. He wins. He always wins. :)

Do you see what we see? :)

We've been doing a lot of shoe shots lately, we admit. But! We have the!most! incredible brides who have worn such amazing shoes :)

On to the reception! :) All details by Cher Goggins of Merry Me! Events. Love her.

Brides: if you want a perfectly orchestrated day and gorgeous, fabulous details, hire Cher. Immediately. :)

This was a first for us: Snake Dance, La Vibora de La Mar. This is where the wedding guests form a line and pass (dance :) ) under the couples clasped hands. When the music stops, one person is captured in the newlywed’s arms and is tickled, hugged, etc. :)

Like musical chairs, but with people :) SO. much fun. So much laughter :)

Such a sweet couple. :)

Dezzie & Isaac: Thank you SO much for including us in your special day today. We had so much fun sharing in your ethnic traditions and learning more about your culture. We wish you both a lifetime of happiness :) And! Have a wonderful honeymoon! xoxo, A+A


amy garro :) said...

slash you saw the groom walk the bride down the aisle at our wedding too!! and i was able to guess your shot vs. andy's shot from knowing that he does the details while you do the big pics, does that make me weird? haha. and good job for making a big deal out of the sex and the city shoes. that IS a big deal!!!!! love you dezzie! and beaaaautiful pics amanda + andy!!!!

nicole green said...

you are killing it with all these weddings my friend! :)

Marti Schrock said...

Your comment about the shoe photos reminds me that if I ever gradute from anything again, I am going to have some really wild & cool shoes!

april foster said...

That bride is STUNNING! beautiful pictures

Jeremy VanAndel said...

Really loving that ring shot. And those blues. Man.