MAY 22, 2010
wedding - Mishawaka, IN

Gooooooooood eeeeeeeeevening :) (I should have been in bed an hour or so ago. So, I apologize in advance for any unwarranted behavior :) ) Welcome to the wedding of Danielle & Kevin! We love these two. They made our jobs so! easy on Saturday. Not only are they an unbelievably gorgeous couple that's madly in love, but they were completely comfortable around each other all day and had one of the most fun (and helpful!) bridal parties we've ever worked with. So, hats off to you two! :) (Who even says that anymore? People that wear top hats?)

Anyway. :) Photos! If you like these, leave us a comment (or two. hundred.) :)

Meet Danielle. Who is, if you haven't noticed, absolutely stunning. :)


With the ladies. Another cool color combination! I LOVED those deep purple dresses!

Don't those dresses look gorgeous on every single one of them? Mental note: Empire waists + cool fabric = lovely :) (All dresses from the fabulous Sophia's!)

I loved that nail polish color so much that I went and got my nails painted yesterday for the first time in a year! I bet you're glad I told you that. :)

The boys. :) (PS - Bonus points to all of you for wearing black socks! I don't know how many groomsmen we see with terrible white tube socks under those suits :) )

Signing the guest book! (Which, by the way, was a fun book they designed themselves using photos from their engagement session! Future brides, tuck that one away :) )

Unity :)

One of the best kisses I've seen in a long time! Look how happy everyone is! :)

LOOOOK at those eyes! :)

A favorite! :)

Another. :) Danielle & Kevin chose to see each other before the ceremony. Future brides: If you do this, we can promise you LOTS of photos of the two of you! You won't regret it! It's A+A guaranteed. :)

And... another. :) (PS - that was the ONLY piece of blue sky that showed up that day. So we took advantage of the moment :) )

Love the enthusiasm in this one. :) We asked, we received!


Danielle & Kevin, thank you SO much for having us along for your incredibly fun wedding today. You were so thoughtful and kind to us all day, and we truly appreciate you. :) We hope you have a lovely, relaxing honeymoon SOON! :) xoxo, Amanda + Andy


Megan said...

Awesome, as always! :-)

Danielle said...

OH! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the 'enthusiasm' picture!! They are all sooo beautiful!!!

Jaime said...

Your work = PERFECTION! You captured shots depicting every emotion felt on Danielle & Kevin's special day. And your pictures so easily define the amazing love and compassion they have for one another. A perfect stranger could view these portraits and know immediately how much in love they are. I will recommend you to anyone looking for a photographer in the future! :)

Kevin Tsang said...

Great job Amanda!

Cathy said...

I love the second-to-last black and white shot. Gorgeous!

Gail said...

GORGEOUS! You guys did SUCH a great job on this wedding! I love the bridesmaid dresses and this bride is so beautiful!

Renee' said...

Absolutely Stunning!!!! Perfect Job!!!!!! You two are super great to go with a super great couple that you were photographing!!!!! Kudos!

icejan said...

Always, always love your work! Wonderful!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi there. I am Rick, Dillon's Dad. I am so enthralled with the pics. I particularly love the black/white close up with them facing each other in an embrace and the last one of the two of them in front of the brown doors. AMAZING!!! Oh, how my heart aches in love for the two of them. What a blessing!!

Rick said...

I am Dillon's Dad. I particularly love the the black/white close up of the kids embracing face to face and the last one in front of the brown doors. My heart aches with the love that flows through them and the pictures. What a blessing!