APRIL 28, 2010
family - Plainfield, IN

Hey everybody! This is Andy presenting our latest family shoot. We spent the evening with Dustin and Amy and two of the coolest little guys (twins!!) we've met in a long time.

We could really tell that this family enjoyed being together!

The boys would even hold hands. How's that for brotherly love?

Their matching red Chuck Taylors really melted Amanda's heart. This is one of our favorites from the shoot.

It's so much fun to see a family interact and laugh. This one from Amanda's camera.

And this one, from mine :)

Amanda's favorite.

Look at those eyelashes!

...and those smiles!

And those little feets. :)

We spent some time playing with the dandelions. Or "bubbles," as the twins called them :)

We took a little break from the romping and snapped a few quick ones of Amy & Dustin.

And then we romped some more. This is another favorite.

It doesn't get much sweeter than this!

Thanks Dustin and Amy! We had a great time with your adorable family!


nicole green said...

i'm in love with these little boys. toooo cute! :) you guys did a great job with these!! the b&w one where they are on the parent's shoulders facing each other is SO cute. i'd be getting a massive canvas of that if i were them. ;)