OCTOBER 20, 2009
e-session - Indianapolis, IN

Danielle & Kevin's session was scheduled for a different day this week, but Danielle, being the fabulously organized lady that she is, checked the weather and saw that it was supposed to rain on their session! Story of our LIFE this year! ARGH! And they had already had to cancel their session with us a few weeks ago for the same reason, so we were NOT going to let it happen to us again! (Stupid rain!) SO! We all moved some things around and were able to make today work. I'm sure you loved reading all of that. Details, details. :) On to the photos!

We found some sweet street art. That's one big lady ;)

An Andy set. Isn't he the coolest? :)

This mural is kind of terrifying, but we were diggin' it ;)

Don't worry, they were just cleaning the truck (and we asked permission to stand in front of it, just in case!) We're sticklers for safety :)

Favorite. Such amazing light!

Another favorite. Just hangin' out, takin' a nap in the grass :)

Look at those eyes! GORGEOUS! :)

Love this set :)

SCHOOOOL BUUUUSSSS! I think I must have been shouting that while shooting this. Note the smirk :)

These could be ads for RV's. Or... not ;)

Look at that little spot of catch light Andy caught in her eye. PERFECTION! :)

We finished with some kisses as a tribute to the perfect weather. Thanks Danielle and Kevin! We CAN'T WAIT for your wedding next May! :)


Danielle said...

GORGEOUS photos!! You are so incredibly creative!! My fave is the one of them in front of the rough brick building and the concrete. I love how you managed to include the street/sidewalk!