MAY 5, 2010
e-session - Bloomington, IN

Hello! We so enjoyed spending time with Katie & David. It was our first trip to Oliver Winery (and something to cross off our list! For those of you who know about our 100 things in 2010 :) ) K&D are so incredibly sweet and fun to be around. We are stoked about their wedding in November! :) On to the photos!

I'll start us out with a top three of the day. I was in LOVE with these giant, fluffy purple flowers :D

A lovely formal one :)

We love our couples. Thanks for tromping around in the bushes with us :)

The light here was uh-maaa-zing! :)

Taking a moment to do some pondering (we might have told them to look thoughtful :) )

Then on to the vineyard!


Outfit change :)

Love this one too :)


Hi there :)

Katie & David! Thanks for spending the afternoon with us and introducing us to Oliver Winery. We wish you luck in all of your summer planning :) Enjoy!