MAY 2, 2010
family - South Bend, IN

Hellloooooooo! :) I'm here to bring you one of our favorite sessions we've done this year. Meet little baby Shelden (who is just over 9 weeks old!) and his fun parents, Krista & Greg, some of our best friends in the world!

Hi there :) I love Shelden's little froggie onesie.

:) :) :)

At what point do chubby legs like this stop being so cute? I have a pair of my own ;)

He's looking right into his mommy's eyes :) :)

Krista's mom made this fabulous blanket. So crafty and cute! Also, Shelden would like to know if you all have bought tickets to the gun show? :)

Such pretty blue eyes :)

I really love this one. :)

Another favorite (Andy took these two :) )

Such a happy little face!

I like Greg's whiskers in this one :)

Krista's only request. :) Love.

Favorite. :)

And, favorite-favorite! (Grand finale :)) I love that Shelden has one that feels strong in his dad's big hands, and one that feels soft + gentle, in his mom's caring arms. Baby, you are so loved. :)


Greg Ranous said...

You guys do such an awesome job! We love the photos!