MAY 24, 2010
e-session - Zionsville, IN

Andy here with another stunning couple. Amanda and I were really excited to hang out with Rachel and Dillon and they showed us some amazing spots hidden down the quiet dirt roads of Zionsville.

How incredible is this bridge?

Then we wandered out into a marshy field. They were up for whatever :)

Personally, this is my favorite.

They were so comfortable with each other. That really made our job easy.

Love this one too.

Dillon had us laughing throughout the entire shoot. He's hilarious :)

Amanda's favorite.

Amanda's other favorite. Quite nice also.

The portrait. With genuine smiles!

Back to town. :)

And some cuddling in the park.

Love this one, also. Quaint wooden door and perfect relaxed smiles. We had so much fun with you two. Thanks for the fun and laughs! We're excited for your wedding in July. :) This is Andy, signing off.


Anonymous said...

I love these pictures!!! My personal fave is the last one....soooo excited for the wedding!! Thanks for making this so fun and providing an insight to Rachel and Dillon that is all visual...and ... thousands of words unspoken. I'm a big fan!! MOB