DECEMBER 26, 2009
wedding - Chicago, IL

We must say, we simply adore Sylvia & Andrew. We couldn't have asked for a better way to end our 2009. Combine Chicago, delicately falling snow, and elegant details. The result is an incredible, beautiful wedding.

Sylvia's dancing shoes. :)

Sylvia wore her mother's classic wedding dress, with a slight redesign. So beautiful.

Sylvia was presented with her late grandmother's handkerchief, a token that has been passed down through several other brides in her family :)

Breath has been taken. :)

Isn't she lovely?

Andy checked in on Andrew while I was upstairs with the ladies :)

Andrew, waiting to see his lovely bride. There was a bit of snow today :)

The first look. We highly recommend these. :) (PS- look at that SNOW!)

Is this not the cutest wedding kiss you've ever seen?

Here are the men looking debonair. :)

And the ladies, all in a row :)

We stopped at this spot in hopes of getting a pretty shot of the Chicago skyline. We thought we were out of luck when we saw the thick fog, but then we had an idea with umbrellas... :)

They're sort of into baseball :) (we're sort of into that red reflection!)

Rings! and some brick. :)

Seriously one of my favorite cakes I have ever seen. And you KNOW what a feat that is :)

Wait... sparklers on top!!? It is THE coolest cake I've ever seen :)

Just for fun. :) Here's my point of view...

... and the EXACT same moment, from Andy's. We weren't even standing next to each other, but the same moment stood out to both of us :)

Some dancing. :)

And then, without warning, Sylvia comes waltzing back into the reception wearing a fabulous little dress covered in feathers, and those dancing shoes we were talking about earlier! She stole the show :)

They wrapped it up with a sparkler send-off at midnight. Such an incredible night :)

Sylvia & Andrew - We adore you. Thanks for allowing us to be part of such a memorable day. We hope you've had a fabulous honeymoon in Hawaii! :)


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Trischa Zercher said...

These pictures are just incredible...since I was chasing my kids around the entire time, I feel like I am experiencing the wedding just through these photos :) Beautiful, beautiful.

Megan said...

The picture at Wrigley is AWESOME!!!!!

Michelle said...

Whoa....these are stunning! Great job!!

Amanda W. said...

I LOOOOOVE the second to last one with her amazing (AMAZING!!) dress, the sparklers, the awesome expressions, everthing. I am so envious!!!! : )

Anonymous said...

Love, Love, Love these photos! Great Job!