JANUARY 19, 2010
family - Indianapolis, IN

Hi there! :) Before we watch the Colts destroy the Jets (just so we're clear, I definitely care more about the Cheetos than the game, but I DID go buy my first Colts t-shirt a few minutes ago :) ), I wanted to share with you all these precious photos we took recently of baby Raelyn, who was just a mere 10 days old! Such a cutie. Enjoy! (Oh, and, goooooo Colts! :) )

Shh... the baby's sleeeeping :)

Favorite. :)

We love this next set too, though :)

Andy caught this one, and it gives me little chill bumps! :)

Baby feets :)

Hi there! :)

Sometimes babies cry :) Her big buddy wandered over to investigate.

And then, snuggled up and she was just fine! :)

Such a beauty!

Dear Baby Raelyn, thank you so much for allowing us to come into your sweet home to take a few photos of you today. You were such a joy to be around! We know that you'll bring a whole HEAP of love into the lives of your new mom and dad :) xoxo, A+A


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Michelle said...

These are so precious!

Kaila said...

Love the daddy and baby! Too precious!