JANUARY 11, 2010
e-session - Notre Dame, IN

Goooood morning! :) Time for the latest update from A+A! We had the pleasure of spending some time with Debbie & Jamie at Notre Dame's campus on this snow-flurrious day. And if you like these, wait 'till you see our NEXT post! Because these two were married here at The Basilica of the Sacred Heart just six short days after their e-session. :) We'll post those photos soooooooon! Off we go! :)

We loved the little curly-q's here :)

Some snow, some snuggle.

More snuggle. :) (and possibly my favorite!)

That's not dandruff, folks. It's snow flakies :) PS- Debbie, you're lovely. Just sayin' :)

Two lovely rings :)

Candles at the Grotto. (We warmed our little faces here for a few moments before continuing on :) )

Love this one. Another favorite :)

And then, all of a sudden, this huuuuge wintery wind blows in and it's snowing just like we were in a Christmas movie. It was a wondrous sight to behold :)

I think this one might be in my top ten favorite e-session photos of all time. Love. :)

Thanks, you two! See you in a minute, but with your wedding digs on :D