JANUARY 5, 2010
e-session - Zionsville, IN

This is Andy writing with our first update of the new year. Jeff and Ashley were willing to brave the cold with us for this engagement sessions adventure. Regardless of how brisk it may have been, they were such troopers and never ever complained :)

One of our favorites, definitely.

The chill required a little snuggling.

We loved this color!

This combo is definitely one of the favorites from the shoot, and from Amanda's eye.

... And then one from mine.

Hi there :) (Ever since we've seen the movie UP, we've been saying "Hi there" the way that Dug says it :)


We did a little parking :)

Mmm...bakery... Who could resist the idea of warm cookies and bread on a day like today?

Another favorite.

We love her bling. (Er, I mean, ring :) )

We got really excited about this blue door and perhaps went a little overboard, but we don't mind :) (This one's our favorite, by the way)

Thanks for enduring the frigidness with us today :)


Erin Smith said...

Amazing work Amanda!!!! Great Job!!!

Rachel Jacobus said...

AHHH! Pure fabulousness!!