DECEMBER 12, 2009
wedding - Wallace, IN

We reconnected with Christy & Ryan for their wedding in Wallace, IN. Their wedding was filled with so many meaningful small-town moments that really seemed to compliment their personalities. The day was chilly, but the sun cut through the sky and made an appearance throughout the day. :)

True to the whole day, Ryan was calm and laid-back as he awaited the ceremony.

Some dress details. Beautiful!

She had this lovely sash that she tied around her waist. Loved :)

One of our favorites from the day. We thought some glittery ornaments would be appropriate. :)

A few more of their lovely details.

This mural, painted on their fire station, was so awesome.
So awesome that we might have gone a little overboard. :)


The ladies...

... and the gentlemen. :)

This whole series takes place in front of the Wallace Post Office
where Christy's grandmother worked for years!

Dear Christy, you are beautiful. Love, Amanda :)

Is it okay if I have another favorite? Get ready for about five more :)

Tiny little hands + piano keys = one of the cutest things I've seen in forever.

Play cell phone + same ridiculously cute flower girl + a little reflection = :) :) :)

Christy and Ryan know a man who collects and restores Model T's and this was their getaway car.
We were in love.

The only thing better than wedding cake is MULTIPLE wedding cakes!! :)

I was looking around for their card/gifts and then I realized where they were.
Under the Christmas tree. :)

Love the color here :) Andy's mom (an art teacher) would be proud! :)

Love this one of Christy & her dad :)

We loved today. :)


Christy said...

These are beautiful, you guys!! I can't even believe that's me! Hope you didn't wear yourselves out photoshopping:):)

Rachel Jacobus said...


Jenny said...

yes indeed....loved that color!
from Andy's mom (the art teacher)

Amanda Christy said...

I found it very beautiful! =]