JANUARY 30, 2010
wedding - San Diego, CA

HellooooooO! :) We have been DYING to show you this one! Chelsea & Joey are some of our favorite people in the world. You might remember them from their fun e-session in Chicago last summer :) They were married in the lovely, the perfect, the SUN-SHINEY San Diego. And their wedding was so lovely. By the way, 55 degrees is the coldest it was when we were there and, we found out, the coldest it has ever gotten there. Don't tell Indiana, but we definitely considered a move ;) Anyway! On to the photos!

Palm trees. A must. :)

Chelsea. So classic, so pretty :)

Their first look. We love these. Brides out there on the fence, DO IT! You'll get to spend the rest of the day together and it is so, so wonderful. :)

One of our top three of the day. :)

I spy, with my little eye.... GREEEN GRASSS! :)

And some hands that are full :)

Andy's favorite. Still in my top three :)

The whole group!

Their ceremony, just feet from the ocean. Their wedding coordinators were the fabulous Melissa Barrad and Kasey Shephard of I Do...Weddings! :)

The rings. And some green :)

And then... some water. :)

Okay, I HAVE to direct your attention to this photo from their e-session. See the bird? SEE IT?! BOTH of these photos were taken without any knowledge, whatsoEVER of a bird flying overhead. I'm not even kidding! And in BOTH, it's flying in exactly the same direction. Meant to be? We think maybe. :)

Their reception was held at the classic Darlington House in La Jolla. SUCH a beautiful place.

I also want to direct your attention to the top right corner of this set. Is that an ORANGE TREEEE you seee? YES.YES.YES! :)

Loved. :)


Cupcakes! FOUR.DIFFERENT.FLAVORS. I, as you know, died.

TOPPPP THREEEEEEE :) (by the way, this is the way they interacted with each other all day. We could all benefit from being just a little more silly :) )

Since there's a running theme, I'm now going to direct your attention to the little spot of light reflecting in Joey's glasses. (Wouldn't you all love to tour a museum with me? I would make you crazy :) )

And then, to the man who, at first, looks like a flower stalk. He's not! He's a man! :)

Hi there! :) another top three. I think I'm up to four. But I'm allowing myself to have four in my top three. That okay with everyone?

Eyelashes, sunshine, and lace. :)

Oh Joey and Chelsea, we love you. Let us count the ways. :) Was it the homeade cookies your aunts drove to your reception all the way from Colorado? Or the way you incorporated your love of design (your custom centerpieces, programs, and thank-you boxes) and writing (your individual, personalized vows) into every single facet of your wedding? Or that you played "Afternoon Delight" at your reception? Andy says that Afternoon Delight sealed the deal. :) Thank you SO much for choosing us to be a part of your awesome day. We wish you the best! xoxo, A+A


Gail said...

Oh awesome are the details of this wedding?? And in San Diego no less?!!! JEALOUS!!!

PS - I love the bride's sweet dress and simple accessories and hair. Classic and timeless :)

Melissa, I Do...Weddings! said...

I liked the "Afternoon Delight" too! I hope we get to work together someday again--Chelsea and Joey's photos are beautiful!

Kaila said...

love all of these.. but I really love the ring shot and earrings... love the green!