NOVEMBER 22, 2009
anytime - Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Hi there :) Andy and I just returned from a little vacation. We spent a few days in the lovely Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. And it was, in a word, divine. :) Here are some photos!

The view outside our room. The view outside our room at home is a cornfield, a fence, and Cheddar's chewed up toys. Trade, please? :)

Breakfast every morning was simply exquisite. We sat inches away from palm trees. :)


Our pool. Oh, and the Pacific Ocean. :)

The spa. Note that there are zero photos of me in here. You're welcome. :)

The Marina :)

Lobster cakes served over shredded carrots, beets, and a fresh pineapple, whacked in half :)

We took a lovely boat ride over to see the famous El Arco. Loved.

Our pool, at night. Ohh, I will miss you Mexico. But for now, back to WORK! Thanks for reading :)


Maya Laurent said...

One word - JEALOUS!

Dana Sease said...

WOW! Gorgeous photos! I especially love the last one.

Jenny said...

as always.....beautiful and suitable for framing!
You have that "artistic eye" even on vacation. :-)