NOVEMBER 5, 2009
e-session - Indianapolis, IN

This is the Andy half of the team with another update. We met Christy and Ryan downtown just before dusk for a great shoot. The two of them are amazingly laid-back and so fun to be around. We really felt privileged to take these pictures.

Can't you just feel their comfortable confidence? We love it.

They were cracking us UP during the whole shoot :)

Taking a stroll around Monument Circle. Amanda's perspective.

And then, mine.

Christy's grandma is a retired postal worker, so this one is for her. :)

Since we started near dusk we got to see the lights beginning to glow on the trees.

Reflection fun part one...

... and part two. :)

This is one of my favorites.

We also wandered around some back alleys... and almost laid on a dead bird (which might have beaten out chewed-up gum and goose poop for the grossest thing we've (Amanda :) ) laid in to get a picture.)

Then it really got dark and we got to play with the light. :)

Amanda stared RIGHT into the giant light that illuminates the entire monument. Not recommended. :)

Another favorite. Thanks for a fun shoot Christy and Ryan. We'll see you again in December!