NOVEMBER 12, 2009
e-session - Bloomington, IN

We met Leah and Jason on a lovely afternoon at I.U. They were so fun to work with and they had us laughing throughout their entire session. We like laughing. :) Anyway. On to the photos. I'll start things off with my favorite...

Everyone loves a good snuggle :)

Warm and sunny with flowers in November! (Has anyone else noticed that our seasons have flipped? We had spring this past week, winter the week before that, and then a few days of fall and then, it's supposed to snow randomly next week? Oh Indiana, we love you :) )

Andy's point of view.

Aaaand...mine. ;)

My other favorite :)

Look up heeeere! :)

More of our amazing November sun!

We love us some Sample Gates :)


Check out that ROCK :)

Andy's favorite.

:) ...

Just the "2" of them ;)

The team was practicing, so the lights were on. So cool.

Uh oh... (I'm having a flashback to a certain picture from Katelyn and Shane's wedding :) )

We finished up with a view of the new addition to the stadium. SUCH a fun shoot. Thanks you two! We're excited to see you again in the coming months! Staaaay tuned!


April {April Foster Events} said...

I love when couples take advantage of using things they love in their engagement sessions. It shows who they really are. Great pics!

Katelyn said...

uh oh! Tell them Good Luck..With a Colts and Chargers marriage they will need it!! ;)

Anonymous said...

these are great! :)