NOVEMBER 4, 2009
family - Carmel, IN

We met Mary Ellen, her husband Jamie, and their three children Emma, Riley, and Claire on this sunny afternoon in Carmel. We started our session at Hazel Dell Christian Church, which is where this family has attended church for a number of years.

Their one photo request was a shot in front of this cross, because it's something that's really special to their whole family. And we love that. :)

Meet Claire. We have a feeling that her little argyle dress had something to do with the rest of the outfit theme ;)

See what I mean? :)


Look at those little feets! :)

Mom & Dad, having a little moment to themselves :)

Love. :)

Jump! :)

We asked if we could spend a few minutes in the bushes, and this family was just fine with that :)

This is why I love Andy. Simply for seeing moments like this :)

:) :) :)

Hey Riley!

Hi there, Claire :)

Emma, do you think I could pull these boots? I think I might try some this winter :)

Grand finale. And, our favorite family photo we've taken this year :)
To catch this, Andy was to my left, shouting "one...two...three...JUMP!" AND jumping along with Emma and Riley :) SO cute. (I won't tell you how many times he had to jump to snap one with both children in the air...:) ... but I will tell you he had a sore bottom after!)

Jamie, Mary Ellen, Emma, Riley, and Claire... thank you all SO much for spending the afternoon with us today. We enjoyed every second of our time together and we hope to see all of you again SOON! :)