NOVEMBER 7, 2009
wedding - Ft. Wayne, IN

Andy here with a wedding update! Karisa & Pete had one of the most beautiful, sunny days for a wedding that we've ever seen in November. From start to finish they really seemed to enjoy and cherish the events of their day.

We started with Karisa as she and her bridesmaids prepped for the day.

Their makeup artist wasn't feeling well that morning, so she wore a mask to prevent anyone from getting ill! H1N1 has really taken a toll on us :(

Her lovely shoes :)

We love everything about this photo. The "live big" at the top, the reflection of Karisa in the mirror, and the two bridesmaids zipping. We just like it :)

Meanwhile, the guys took a more classic approach to prepping with the help N64 and some Mariokart.

Though they did take some time to get dressed ;)

We love how the flower girl is fidgeting with her new bracelet :)

We love ring shots. Our fingers were stained after this one :)

We love symmetry. Sometimes. :)

Look at those EYES!

Pete was so tall (taller than me!) that we had him crouch for a few ;)

Gangstas. ;)

At one point we meandered over to a playground. Don't ask ;)

One fabulous-looking bridal party, if we do say so ourselves.

And speaking of fabulous...

We asked permission, don't worry :)

We'll end with a little romance :)