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AUGUST 7, 2010
family - Notre Dame, IN

Back in January, Ashley & Jeff won the award for coldest engagement session ever. I think the wind chill was something like -2 that day!

We were so glad to be able to spend some time with them today when we could feel our hands. :) They were so courteous and caring all day. It was easy to see that they wanted first and foremost for all their guests to have a good time. :) On to the photos!

We started at the Hilton Garden Inn with Ashley & the ladies. :)

She's a beauty. :)

Another stunning wedding at the Basilica. It was beautiful to see everyone's hands outstretched for the blessing. They all looked so connected.

Hello bridal party!

We were able to steal Ashley & Jeff away to this grassy field for some intimate shots. More to come. :)

The reception was elegant beyond belief at the lovely Blue Heron at Blackthorn, which is always a pleasure to photograph.

Speaking of pleasure, life doesn't get much better than puffy white cupcakes. :)

And pretty orchids & hydrangea :)

Perfect details. Perfect.

Cake + bling = :D

Back to the golden field. These are our favorites from the day.

Favorite #1 :)

Favorite #2. :)

This was the result of the best garter toss we've ever seen. :) Getting it down was another story. Two different men tried hopping up on chairs and pulling at the chandelier (which resulted in it swinging ominously back-and-forth, Phantom of the Opera style...) until they called upon the help of the tallest man in attendance. It came down safely :)

Great party.

Good friends :) Ashley & Jeff - we hope you've had a lovely honeymoon and first few weeks together. You are such dear people to our hearts. Thank you so much for having us spend time with you today. We enjoyed every minute :) Best of luck & blessings to you in your future together!