JULY 31, 2010
wedding - Notre Dame, IN

Back to Old Notre Dame for another memorable day. Sara & John's wedding was chuck-full of fun details (wait 'till you see the APPLES! :) ), laughter (so much laughter :)) and beautiful weather. Onward, photos!

Bridal detail :)

Groom(al?) detail. Cuff links made from Yankee Stadium baseballs. :)

And the lovely Sara. I loved her gold sash. And just Sara in general :)

Basilica, you be so lovely :) (Fluffy clouds, you be so lovely too :))

This was our first time back to the Grotto since the fire.
SO glad to see that it still standing strong. :)

Ceremony time :)

The Basilica of the Sacred Heart, in all its splendor. :)

He was a happy, happy dad. Maybe the happiest dad we've ever seen :)

Speaking of happy, look at those smiles. :)

Sara and John had a friend that let us into the ND stadium.
Here they're marching down the tunnel while their friends sang the fight song :)

Favorite. :)

We peeked into the locker room. And the showers ;)

This is PROOF that we have some of the coolest brides in all of history. We took an hour break in the middle of the day for snacks + rehydration (it was a doozy of a day :) ) and we found Sara, covered in napkins, eating an entire pizza. She's my favorite. :)

Break's over. Back to work. :)

We've done several shoe photos on our blog this year. But I have to tell you, if your wedding includes fabulous color combos and cool shoes, I'm not going to be able to resist taking photos of your feets :)

Another favorite :)

(Speaking of feeeets :) )

The reception was in the atrium at the Marriott. Beautiful. (APPLESSS! :) )

SUCH! A cool color combooooo! :)

Notice the resemblance? :) (complete with matching gold sash and green tie!)
(Cake done by Cakewalk, LLC It. was. delicious. :) )

They left a little gap in the ribbon for the cake cutting. First time we've ever seen it. LOVE it. :)

During Sara's dance with her father, they were encircled by all three of his daughters and his granddaughter. It was one of the cutest things, ever :)

Sara and John! Thank you SO! much for having us be able to capture photos of your beautiful day :) We enjoy you. We wish you much love. xoxo, A+A


mari said...

dulove looking at your handiwork! always a the feeling you captured with Dad walking Sara down the aisle...priceless :) Beautiful wedding ...great job as always!