FEBRUARY 22, 2010
family - Indianapolis, IN

Hello, hello! :) We spent the morning with this precious little family and met baby Nick, who was celebrating his first birthday!

We immediately fell in love with this little guy and his bright RED HAIR! :D

Hi there! :) Look at those tiny little teeeeth!

And those magnificent blue eyes! (we promise that we didn't add a smidgen of color to this photo. They're really that blue :) )

LOVE this set. :)


We had to include this one. You'd think he was signing up for basic training with that salute ;)

Think this could be my favorite. :)

Though I'm sort of partial to this one too :)

Mom requested a few with dad's tie. :) He'll be off to the corner office in no time.

Another favorite :)

Our favorite time of day: Nap time ;)

Nick - thanks so much for hanging out with us today. We had so much fun getting to know you and your parents. Give us a call in a few years for your senior portraits ;)


Michelle said...

OMG! These are so sweet! What a cutie!!