NOVEMBER 14, 2009
wedding - South Bend, IN

Andy here. We can't even begin to describe Abbey & Kevin's amazing wedding. So, here's a preview: Krispy Kreme donuts. A bowling alley. And... wait for it... a Lego cake. Go see for yourselves! :)

Aren't their rings cool? :)

We couldn't resist. :)

This next series is dedicated to a little ring bearer that we liked to call "the bubble boy." :)

This little guy made us smile :)

(My favorite.)

After the wedding we snapped some pictures at St. Mary's College (Abbey is an Alum!).

Here's where the fun starts :) With... KRISPY KREME! Kevin sealed the deal with an original glazed. First from Amanda's view (we love Kevin's expression here).

...and then, from mine. :)


And then, the bowling alley! :)

Another favorite (guess what their wedding date was ;) ).

Amanda was sitting IN THE GUTTER for this. She will do anything for a photo! (And by the way, this was the second attempt. Kevin almost took her OUT with the first ;) )

LEGO! CAKE! (We were freaking out :) ) Made specially by Kevin's dad.

We'll end with a couple of our favorites. (We had several favorites. But we're not counting ;) )

Congratulation Abbey and Kevin. Thanks for all the fun! Your wedding is one we will not soon forget :)


Donna said...

Thank YOU for taking such awesome pictures at my son's wedding. Kevin and Abbey are both so special and blessed! YOU have created such a Memory Treasure Chest for them of their wedding and celebration with family and friends. Donna and Paul Foster

April {April Foster Events} said...

Lovely photos! The krispy kreme pics are awesome!!!

Cathy (and David) said...

What a cute wedding! My fave is the 11/14 bowling shoes ring shot. And the lego cake = the awesomes. Great job as always! :)